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Registration for classes Nursery - VIII admission begins for 2024-2025. forms will be available at the school's Reception on all working days between 8:30 am and 4:00pm Registration for classes Nursery - VIII begins for 2024-2025. forms will be available at the school's Reception on all working days between 8:30 am and 4:00pm
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Best School In Pune


The yearning mind is the learning mind, and when that yearning mind is nurtured with the best knowledge experientially as opposed to hypothetically or theoretically, it has the potential to excel. That is what Venkateshwar World School, amongst the best schools in Pune is best at with its ethos of learning. Set upon a picturesque, sprawling, child-friendly campus, we are nurturing young yearning minds into citizens of the world.

The experiential ethos

Venkateshwar World School lays a strong emphasis on the experience of learning through the cognizant abilities along with the classroom textbook approach. Traditionally, academics have been handed down to you for generations at the best schools in Pune with the classroom textbook approach, which in some areas of life does not prove to be as effective as hands-on learning. For instance, a doctor wanting to be a surgeon cannot possibly conduct the surgery by studying it from a book. He needs to perform surgery in a laboratory on experimental creatures to gain the "experience" of how it is done.

Holistic learning

Likewise, the young minds at one of the best schools in Pune are encouraged to experience everything in their environment rather than studying it from books. Just as for a lot of us, archery is just a sport that we read about in books or the news. Most of us haven't even seen a bow and arrow; leave alone touched or learned how to use it. So from the tender years at one of the best schools in Pune children are imbibed with learning, through experience, it becomes a practice resulting in a wholesome adult, prepared for the challenges of a world of experiences.

Stimulating infinite potential

To begin with all learners at one of the best schools in Pune have a limitless range of activities to participate and develop with. This kind of curriculum allows individuals to start making choices from a young age. Choices of subjects of interest, sports, and all career endeavours will be based on these early years of decision making and the habit it forms from being instilled in them early in life. After all, it is the choices and our decision making that result in success or failure. This is a practice that continues in the best schools in Pune and into adulthood and makes for successful individuals because of their ability to make decisions.

The Curriculum

Activities with which children are kept engaged and learning at one of the best schools in Pune are:

  • Creative games
  • Roleplays
  • Drama
  • Audiovisual activities
  • Group presentations and
  • Educational field trips

All have the innate ability to evoke abilities that oftentimes are taught to children as a lesson in a class. However, at the best schools in Pune, these activities evoke participation and enhance the child's communication, its ability to interact at different levels, overcoming stage fear, improving attention span, defining goals at an early age, making choices/decisions and respect for each other's abilities in terms of strengths and weaknesses, enabling the team spirit in utilizing their strengths and weaknesses.

Cutting edge IT infrastructure

The facility tagged "smart class" at one of the best schools in Pune is designed and equipped with cutting edge technology designed specifically for children for experiential learning. In this set-up, children are using technology to learn technology. Not the other way around as most of us have learned technology. The classrooms at one of the best schools in Pune feature whiteboards, smart boards, computers, Bluetooth, and miscellaneous hardware to facilitate learning through videos, animations, and captivating graphics that are part of their curriculum as well.

Sport and competitiveness

Last and definitely not the least is the area of sporting activity which is given its fair share in our fun learning environment. Team sports at one of the best schools in Pune; in the early years is a fun activity but the right age to develop team spirit, standing for a cause and competitiveness. They are exposed to all the popular competitive sporting endeavours that the children love and as they get older begin to choose a sport or sports in which they are exceptionally good. That is the age when this competitive zeal is brought back into the classroom and in the world that awaits fresh young talent and achievers in the making.

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